Cricket Is Loved By Indians For A Number Of Reasons

You might love cricket or hate it; there cannot be an in-between. If you love cricket, you know why you and millions of other Indians are massive fans of it. But if you are from the minority that does not like cricket, you might want to know why the majority of the population does in the world. And why Indians treat cricket as a religion instead of a sport.

  • It’s a simple game

Cricket, by nature, is a straightforward sport. You can play it with even two players with a bat and a ball. It doesn’t even require a vast space. You can play it even in the most congested streets, and with this, people don’t only get to watch the sport, they get to immerse themselves in it while watching the cricket live score.

  • India has some of the best cricketers.

It’s easy to enjoy a game if many of the world’s best players are on your team. India has always had the world’s finest players. New future stars are emerging all the time, with numerous kids dreaming of becoming the next Kohli or Tendulkar.

  • You can play cricket almost anywhere.

India has numerous cricket coaching centers where kids and even adults can practice. You can find cricket stadiums in almost every Indian state or territory, which is very different from the rest of the country’s sports. India only has a few FIFA-accredited stadiums and astroturfs. The infrastructures in the country that concern cricket helps promote and widen the following of this sport in India.

  • A cricket match lasts longer than any other sport.

While various other sports are over quickly. Only 90 minutes of football, you get to enjoy a game of cricket because you have glued to the game, especially the cricket score on your TV for hours and hours.

Suppose you are on holiday for work for the day. In that case, there’s nothing better than settling back with a cup of coffee and doing absolutely nothing but check the cricket score app and watch cricket. This is the perfect excuse for avoiding a meeting or party you desperately wanted to neglect. Cricketers even take fluid breaks, lunch, and tea, so you can sort your food out without missing a ball of the match.

  • Indians have the strength and physical attributes for cricket.

Not many people in India possess the physical strengths, heights, and fitness required to participate in football, hockey, basketball, and tennis. But, unfortunately, that’s how genetics are when it comes to the people of this country, and that’s why most sports can be tough to play. However, Indians have the strength and physical fitness to play this sport competitively for cricket.

  • You can share your love for the game with your family and friends.

It is the best opportunity for you to spend time with your family and friends while experiencing the raw emotions of the game. So you can all get together, order some pizzas, and watch the cricket live scores as the gameplay.

Together you will share the suffering as your favorite batsman is dismissed on the 99th run on the live cricket scoreboard. One short of a century, or if your group fails in its run chase. But if your team wins, there is a real sense of achievement and joy.

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