Instant Tennis Tip – The Five Aspects of Ball Control in Tennis

I love to tell my students that whether they can hit the ball within the internet and in the courtroom they’re good

Whether they can hit the tennis ball within the internet and in the courtroom, and land it anywhere they need, I’ll sit lower and revel in watching them play.

Whether they can hit the tennis ball within the internet and in the courtroom, and land it anywhere they need, and achieve this with different spin and power, I’ll purchase a ticket to sit down lower and revel in watching them play.

In tennis, hitting with great power is fun, but ball control is a lot more important. Anybody who would like to learn to play the tennis should focus on mastering the five aspects of controlling a tennis ball. This can lead to the opportunity to vary your shots based on any situation.


The very first obstacle any tennis player must cope with may be the internet. For any shot to become effective it has to first obvious the internet before it lands in the courtroom. Beginner tennis players should concentrate on clearing the internet by five to eight ft on all of their shots in the baseline.


Generally, a ball that lands deep in the courtroom is the perfect shot than the usual ball that lands short. However, you will see occasions you need to deliberately hit the ball short. Beginner tennis players should practice placing their shots to various depths in the game. Remember, in which the ball lands is proportional towards the height from the ball. Height Equals Depth.


Once you master height and depth, I suggest beginner tennis players proceed to mastering direction. Do not get too complicated here. Just attempt to direct every ball either to the left or right.


After you have mastered striking the tennis ball with various heights, and also to different depths and directions you’re ready to proceed to spin. Understanding how to put spin on your ball is certainly a far more advanced concept along with a obvious sign that you’re moving one stage further like a tennis player. You are able to hit a tennis ball with topspin, backspin, sidespin, or relatively no spin.


This is actually the last component of ball control in tennis. A person should proceed to hitting a tennis ball with power once they’ve learned the prior elements and how they may be combined to produce shot variety.

Mastering all 5 aspects of ball control takes plenty of practice. It’s what separates the great players in the elite players. I would recommend beginner tennis players concentrate on the first three so as. Practice striking the tennis ball within the internet, in to the court, land it anywhere you desire. You’ll be able to focus on hitting a tennis ball with spin and power. Next, you never know, maybe someone tends to buy a ticket to look at you play.

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