How Does The UEFA Champions League Tournament Works? – Know In Detail

UEFA is the popular Champion League conducted every year from 1955 to now. In this article, you can learn everything about soccer tournaments, such as how it has started? How did teams select? What are UCL and UEL? Etc.

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About UEFA soccer tournament

UEFA is one of the well-known soccer tournaments that contain 32 teams, who compete with one another in 5 rounds. These teams will be divided into 8 groups, and each team will play with the others in a double round-robin system. The runner-up and winner of these groups are advanced to 16 rounds, quarterfinal round, semifinal round, and final round.

As mentioned earlier, this tournament was first held in 1955. It was called European Cup in 1992, and only 16 teams were allowed to participate in the competition. Also, there were only 4 rounds like first, quarterfinal, semifinal, and final.

The tournament included additional rounds and teams during 1960. The name was changed to the UEFA Champions League by the Union of European Football Association in 1992.

How do the teams select?

The teams of each association are selected depending on the member associations of UEFA coefficients and previous 5 UEL (UEFA Europa League) and UCL (UEFA Champion League). There will be almost seven English teams in the UEFA competition.

The top 12 associations of UEFA coefficients will get one or more spots, and the other teams are qualified by the domestic league, defending UEL, or UCL champion league.

How does UCL/UEL winning will affect the qualification?

  • A club that wins the UEFA tournament will be qualified for the next season UEFA championship group stage unless of the finishing position.
  • A club that wins UEL will be qualified for next season’s UEFA tournament group stage.
  • A club that wins the UEFA tournament or UEL and the finishing position is within the top 4 (the position of the team won’t be transferred to the other team).

Once the teams were selected, they were divided into 4 pots (the teams of the same club will not be against one another) depending on some principles. They include:

Plot 1 will have the winning team of UEL, UCL, and the top 6 associations. If the titleholders of UEL or UCL and the titleholder of the top 6 associations were the same, then the 7th, 8th champion teams are included in this plot.

Other plots (2, 3, & 4) will contain the teams, which are seeded depending on the UEFA coefficients.

Group stage

The teams are competed in double round-robin style (group stage). Ranks are assigned to the teams depending on their points. The winning team will get 3 more points as an award.


The 16 clubs of the round of 16 are divided into 2 pots (each eight – one group contains winners and the other runner-ups).

The other draws will not have splits. The quarterfinal and semifinal draws are conducted together prior to quarterfinals.

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