Former Flyers headed to Russia, may face Putin in exhibition game

This month, a group of former Philadelphia Flyers will travel to Russia to play a little exhibition hockey, and may get a chance to face Russian President Vladimir Putin on the ice.

The group’s organizer, 1970’s defenseman Joe Watson, told the Camden (New Jersey) Courier-Post, via ESPN about the trip.

What timing though, huh? With tensions high right now between the two countries and constant theories about U.S. President Donald Trump’s cozy relationship with the Russian strongman, it certainly seems like an odd time for such an event.

Will the Flyers receive some sort of special treatment in the visit?

“I don’t know about that,” Watson said. “He’ll have to earn it from us as far as we’re concerned. We may be stuck in Siberia, but what the hell? We’ll have a good time.

As for now, there’s no definite answer to whether they’ll even meet Putin, let alone face him in a game.

“They never release Putin’s schedule until 24 hours before because of security reasons, so Putin, if he’s around, he wants to play the game against us.”

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