Betting the Over and Under Line? Put Mother Nature on Your Team

Betting against the baseball odds can be a lot of fun. Wagering on just game match-ups can get a little monotonous, but you can always add some variety to your wagering by betting the total runs scored, called the over and under.

Lines are set for each game with the over/under designated by a half a run. That means if the over/under is 9.5, you will try to predict if there will be 9 or fewer runs scored, or 10 or more. You can dig deep into statistics and player personalities, but the odds makers do the same thing when they set the number.

One way you can gain an advantage when playing the over and under is to put Mother Nature on your team. Here are some tips for using the weather report to gain an edge when predicting how many runs will be scored in a baseball game.

 A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight?

When the temperatures warm up, so do the over and under numbers. A batted baseball will travel farther and faster when the air temperature is high. Again, bookmakers are all too aware of that fact.

But, you can follow temperature oddities to get an edge. Research the game time humidity and dew points for the home city. While the temperature may be warm, you can also count on the ball not traveling as well when there is a dense dampness in the air.

You’re as Cold as Ice!

On the other side of the equation are the cold nights. Cold air affects the density of the baseball. You might think it would be harder and travel faster, but it does not. Small differences in temperature may only slightly affect the flight of the baseball, but when the air is cold the pitchers are affected.

Cold weather makes the pitchers fingers dry, making it hard to get a good grip on the ball. This reduces the effect of the curveball, plus makes it hard to control just about every pitch in their arsenal. That means pitchers may struggle to keep the ball out of the meat area hitter’s feast on, increasing the likelihood of runs being scored. Don’t always bet cold temperature games as under.

It’s Blowin` In the Wind

Look for other weather anomalies when the weather is either cold, or hot. Don’t just throw money on the under because you think it is cold. Remember, pitcher control problems could cancel out the effects of cold air on the ball.

But, you should definitely pair two weather related effects together. Another important weather factor to think about is the wind. If you have a cool night, with light air (low humidity) and the wind is blowing out, jump on the over line. Since the pitchers may experience control problems, putting runners on base more frequently, it will only take a couple balls leaving the yard to push you above the over/under line.

Picking against the over and under total run line is a favorite of people who like to bet against the baseball odds. See if Mother Nature is whispering anything in the wind to gain a little advantage.

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