Michael Strahan still thinks 4-3 Giants are contenders

Back in September, former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan was so impressed with his former team that he pegged them to go all the way this season.

Fast forward to now, and the 4-3 Giants hardly look like contenders – ineptitude on offense and the lack of a pass rush certainly will keep you from the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl appearance.

“I haven’t given up on them,” Strahan said, per Newsday. “I think, you know what, they still have a shot. They’re still legitimate in the NFC East. They have a lot of talent. “Offensively, the first few games they looked like they were on a better track than they are now… Defensively, last week in London they kind of came along and made some plays. But they just have to get on track as a total team.

“They have too many weapons offensively not to have better production, and I think defensively they definitely have to get better in that regard, too. But they’re in a division that they still have a great chance of winning.”

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