Rio Olympics will have plenty of condoms

Rio 2016

Officials are estimating that a whopping 450,000 condoms with we distributed for the Rio Olympic games, as fears of the spreading the Zika virus (and I’m sure many other viruses) continues to dominate headlines.

‘So why do they need 450,000 condoms, writes Chitra Ramaswamy of the Guardian? ‘The record-breaking allocation for Rio is reported to be so high because female condoms are being given away for the first time. The Zika virus, which has spread across Brazil and dominated Olympic discussions, is not being given as a reason but British athletes have been issued with key guidance and the Australian team will arrive armed with antiviral condoms to provide extra protection.’

That’s a pretty big jump from 1988 when only 8,500 condoms were on hand for the games in Seoul.

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