Former NFL RB Cedric Cobbs used football brain injury as defense in criminal case

Cedric Cobbs

Given the widespread view regarding the game of professional football and brain injuries, why not use it in a court of law as defense to avoid jail time?

That’s partly what former New England Patriots and Denver Broncos running back Cedric Cobbs did last week as he plead guilty in a prescription pain pill ring case. He was charged with using a telephone to facilitate the distribution conspiracy.

Per PFT, via Linda Satter of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, “Cobbs avoiding jail came in part because his lawyer told the judge he is believed to be suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy from his days playing football. Cobbs’ lawyer said he’s been treated at a California clinic which specializes in sports-related brain injuries, and that reports from the center showed he was making progress.”

“I became desperate. I became angry,” he told the judge. “I felt that I was pretty much out here alone, . . . with no one showing me direction. I felt invisible.”

Cobbs was given probation and required to perform community service.

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