Patriots sure love them some Donald Trump

From a who’s who of the New England Patriots comes unbelievable support for GOP blowhard Presidential candidate Donald Trump – Tom Brady, Robert Kraft and most recently, ‘good friend’ Bill Belichick and his girlfriend Linda Holiday.

We all know Robert Kraft and the Donald were tight. (I often think of that great pic of Trump’s thin comb over blowing upright like a sail in the Foxborough wind whenever i put those two together in my head). Tom Brady has boasted on a few occasions that he does indeed count the Donald as one of his good friends as well.

The latest link between the team comes from Bill’s BF Linda, who posted to Instagram over the weekend.

Who knows – maybe if Donald gets into the White House, he could do a favors for his buddies concerning Roger Goodell.

Enjoyed dinner at Mar-a-Lago this evening with our good friend Donald Trump

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