Jeff Fisher: We didn’t sign Michael Sam to get out of ‘Hard Knocks’


St. Louis Rams, um… I mean Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is fighting back over accusations that the only reason the team signed Michael Sam was to avoid being picked for HBO’s “Hard Knocks” program.

The Rams selected Sam, the league’s first openly gay player, in the seventh round of the 2014 NFL Draft.

“We had three seventh-round picks,” Fisher said. “We drafted Michael, who was the best player on the board. And who in their right mind would think that you’d give up a draft choice to avoid doing something like that — something that I think would benefit the organization.”

Sam took to Twitter and the airwaves to offer his take, saying he wasn’t surprised at all by the report.

“Makes sense to me why they cut me and not Ethan Westbrooks even though I outperformed him in our production,” he said on the Dan Patrick Show. “Makes sense why Coach Fisher was very vague the day he cut me from the team.”

“Absolutely not,” Fisher told ESPN’s Mike & Mike. “And you know, unfortunately, something like that is really unfair to Michael. You know Michael works so hard. He was the best player on the board. He worked so hard, to try to make this look … Obviously we had a good defensive line, but not really fair to Michael because of all the hard work he put in as well.”

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