Report: Peyton Manning hired two goons to talk to Charlie Sly


Five days before Al Jazeera broke its expose, “The Dark Side” on the use of banned performance enhancing substances, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s lawyers had two mysterious men visit the parents of the documentary’s main source and allegations, former Guyer Institute of Molecular Medicine intern Charlie Sly, per the Washington Post.

The two men, dressed in dark overcoats and jeans, didn’t find Sly at his parent’s home on Dec. 22, but the visit apparently scared the bejesus out of Randall and Judith Sly, who called 911.

One of the private investigators claimed to be a law enforcement officer, but didn’t have a badge.

“After they told their daughter to call 911 the night of Dec. 22, Randall and Judith Sly stepped outside to talk to the strangers, who clarified they were private investigators, not cops. They had come to this red brick house with a well-manicured lawn looking for the Slys’ 31-year-old son, Charlie, a pharmacist who was the primary source in the upcoming documentary.”

Manning, who will appear in Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, has so far been given sort of a pass in regards to the allegations, but this new revelation, along with pressure from others who are crying double-standard, have the NFL launching their own investigation into the report.

It’s about time!

Demaryius Thomas, Von Miller, Aqib Talib

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