Patriots’ Jones showed up at police station a ‘confused party’


The mystery thickens as to what what happened to New England Patriots DE Chandler Jones Saturday night.

At first, we learned he had some sort of medical emergency. Later reports indicated he overdosed on pills, but now we’re getting some audio of the police dispatch that sheds some light, and definitely more questions about what went down that night. (and ) released this audio Tuesday night:

Jones apparently showed up at the Foxborough polices station at 7:42 AM, and police dispatched the fire department to take him to Norwood Hospital, where he was admitted at 8:00 AM.

An officer was sent to Jones’ home to secure the residence. “I got his keys off the kitchen table, I was able to lock the front door. If you want to just pass along to the fire, he was definitely involved with class D delta before this happened, just so they know,” anoi officer is heard on the recording.

A Class D drug is basically marijuana, but can also include Phenobarbital – a medication for certain types of epilepsy that can also be used to treat trouble sleeping, anxiety, drug withdrawal, and to help with surgery. We seriously doubt it has anything to do with this drug because the officer clearly saw (or smelled) something at Jones’ residence when he called in to dispatch.

WEEI first reported that Jones had been at a party at Rob Gronkowski’s house, but that was later deleted from their report.

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