Neighbors upset with Danny Amendola’s ‘eyesore’ carport


New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola received permission from the city of Providence, RI to construct a temporary carport beside his rented home so he can easily get out in the event of a snowstorm.

And we all know that snow, traffic or act of god can’t be used as a excuse for being late to one of Bill Belichick’s practices.

The problem here for Amendola is that he resides in the swanky historic neighborhood of College Hill, where a carport looks really bad compared to everything else around.

Neighbors have apparently been complaining about the blight.

‘‘It’s a simple utilitarian structure, but if you had tons of these around the neighborhood, it would significantly detract from the historic quality and aesthetic appearance of the Benefit Street neighborhood,’’ said Tim More, who has lived on the street for 45 years, per

Amendola was asked to comment, only to say ‘‘I’m not talking about that,” per the Associated Press.

The carport is scheduled to come down after the season ends.


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