Packers’ Letroy Guion gets everything back (except the weed)


Per ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, the State of Florida gave Green Bay Packers defensive end Letroy Guion, after almost a year, his 2015 Dodge Ram and $190,028.81 back to him.

Guion was nabbed in Feb. 2014 with a 357 grams (close to a pound) of marijuana and a handgun in his position, along with the money. All was seized, but he reached a plea deal on the gun and drug charges on March 24, getting off with only paying a $5,000 fine. Last week saw his civil forfeiture case dismissed, paving the way for Guion to collect his property during the team’s weekend off. Although the story doesn’t say, but we assume he already got his gun (locked in a box and unloaded at the time of the arrest) back, which was licensed in Minnesota.

“It kind of rejuvenates me,” Guion said. “It gives me my sense of character back and gives me my juice back. I’m all excited and ready to go. Things are getting back to normal. All the smoke is starting to clear… The money was from my paychecks.”

“Hard work, earned money that they decided to take from me. I proved it with bank statements. Every check I cashed, I had proof of it. In the end, they would’ve been violating my Eighth Amendment rights had they not [given it back].”

“They were very gracious about it,” Guion’s attorney Robert Rush said. “They returned his truck in perfect condition and every dollar in cash, which was kind of comical.”


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