Josh Norman to Odell Beckham: Stick to dancing and prancing like a ballerina


New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham is lucky he didn’t get ejected from the team’s big showdown with the undefeated Carolina Panthers. Even head coach Tom Coughlin considered benching him at one point.

In an afternoon that saw him often tangle with Panthers cornerback Josh Norman,  Beckham tallied a total of 4 penalties in the contest, with many feeling that he kinda lost his mind out there going up against of of the best cover corners this season.

“The man came 15 yards down the field and just went straight for my head. He was doing it the whole game,” Norman said, referring to a play in the third quarter.

“I feel like the league should take a look at what the guy was doing. I mean it was ridiculous.”

Norman, who also had took his share of shots at Beckham, feels he exposed the Giants 2nd-year WR for what he really is, telling reporters it’s fine for him to “dance and prance like a ballerina” but that he shouldn’t pretend to be something he’s not, per

“It goes to show you man, I don’t know how many yards that man had, but you go back to the film and watch it,” Norman added. “People who was in their living rooms they watched it. I’m sure they understand what type of player this guy is. And it goes to show you who and what he is.”

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