Chris Harper done in New England after muffed punt


It was the turning point of the game for Denver and their 4th quarter comeback win against the New England Patriots, who were up 21-7 at the time.

Clearly in control and on their way to an 11th win of the season, disaster struck for the Pats as undrafted rookie WR Chris Harper, called into punt return duties due to injuries to Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola, muffed a punt return.

4 plays later, Denver scored a TD and the momentum as all their’s.

Head coach Bill Belichick, a real stickler when it comes to ball security, released Harper, who apparently was allowed to fly back with the team.

What a lonely flight that probably was for him, but at least he wasn’t thrown from  the plane some where over Kansas.

Cutting Harper likely means Danny Amendola will be back int he fold next week.

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