Al Jazeera source recants Peyton Manning HGH allegations


Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning is vehemently denying Al Jazeera’s ‘investigative’ report, dubbed “The Dark Side” – tying him to an Indianapolis clinic that allegedly supplied him with HGH in 2011.

And it seems he may have good reason to, as the so-called source in the investigation, Charlie Sly – a former pharmacy intern at the Guyer Institute (the report identifies him as a pharmacist) is claiming that whatever he said while being secretly recorded on video was a lot of B.S…

According to Manning, he did receive legal therapy under Dr. Guyer, including nutrition and oxygen therapy, “but never HGH.”

Per the Washington Times, Sly told ESPN’s Chris Mortenson that he was purposely dropping famous names and giving false information to Al Jazeera’s Liam Collins (a former British hurdler) in order to “determine whether this guy was legitimate or just trying to steal some knowledge about the business.”

“When I was there, I had never seen the Mannings ever. They were not even living there at that time,” Mr. Sly said. “Someone who worked there said they had been there before. That was the extent of any knowledge I had. I feel badly. I never saw any files. This is just amazing that it reached this point.”

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