Rob Ryan: ‘Everything in New Orleans is getting blamed on me, including Katrina’

Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan may have taken it a bit too far by some accounts, invoking the horror of Hurricane Katrina when talking about his firing, but we’ll give him a pass – he was just trying to put a good face on yet another failed job as a coordinator (remember he was also dumped by Jerry Jones not too long ago).

Rob made an appearance on the NFL Network Sunday and joked about his then-team’s choke job against Washington, saying that it turned his would-be bye week into a “bye bye week,” and that “everything in New Orleans is getting blamed on me, including Katrina.”

Before things got worse and more not-so-politically correct, Rob turned the attention to his brother Rex, joking about his one Super Bowl ring…

Rex of course couldn’t help himself, calling in to jab back (and take some time off of his unhealthy Patriots obsession)


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