Ezekiel Elliott apologizes for throwing coaches under the bus

We get it – Ezekiel Elliott, along with Cardale Jones will not be attending Ohio State next year, but Elliott took it a step further after the loss to MSU over the weekend:

“I deserve more than (12) carries,” He said. “I can’t speak for the playcaller. I don’t know what was going on…. We were gashing them. We didn’t see those plays called the rest of the game. I asked for those plays to be called. They weren’t. We weren’t put in the right situation to win this game.”

After a backlash for those comments, Elliott made light of it – writing I guess “I’m the big bad wolf now lol” on Twitter.

But a day later, it looks like a cooler head has prevailed (or at least one that doesn’t want to be benched for the rest of the season):

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