Chip Kelly: Hey, don’t look a me, I’m just the team’s head coach


Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly, the man in charge of all things concerning the team in Philly, thinks their putrid performance in 2015 shouldn’t fall squarely on his shoulders.

Excerpts from Kelly’s post-game press conference, via USA TODAY Sports:

Q: Well, fewer wins is a worse job, isn’t it?

Well yeah. I’m not saying we’re doing a better job, I can tell you that. We’re not. But I don’t look at 10 wins as a good job either. I’ve never looked at it like that.

Q: Do you think your players are giving up 100%?

I believe our players competed, yes.

Q: All the players?


Q: So if the players are giving 100%, is the problem you?

I don’t know. I don’t have that answer.

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