The Greg Hardy situation: Denial a river that flows in Dallas

Looks like the memo somehow missed Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones’ desk – Greg Hardy is a bad person.

If being arrested on domestic violence charges weren’t enough for Jones, who thought he outsmarted everyone else in the league that took a pass on signing Hardy, Sunday’s sideline display pretty much justified the red flags already put in place months ago.

During the Cowboys’ loss to the New York on Sunday, Hardy got into with special teams coach Rich Bisaccia – smacking the clipboard from Bisaccia’s hand and shoving him before others intervened. He even got into it with teammate Dez Bryant. After the game, he answered all questions from reporters with a dismissive “No comment.”

Many called for Hardy’s release after his comments about Tom Brady’s wife in his first interview as a Cowboy – apparently showing no remorse for his domestic violence past.

But here the Cowboys are, making excuses and downplaying Sunday’s incident. Bisaccia even covered for him after the game.

Nate Scott, USA TODAY Sports: ‘Jerry Jones likes to think of himself as the most clever owner in the league, an entertainer who puts together amazing teams that don’t just win, but win in style, thrilling the fans in the process. He’s the league’s greatest showman, and the Cowboys are, to him, the greatest show in the NFL. This isn’t good theater, though. Hardy is just a crummy person behaving in crummy ways, with the Cowboys, led by Jones, enabling him. The Cowboys are 2-4, as well, and while that shouldn’t matter, it’s not like Jones would be breaking up the ’72 Dolphins here.’

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