At this Redskins game, BJ does not mean back judge

This unidentified man got more than just the satisfaction of going to his favorite team’s home game and watching them pull out a comeback victory against Tampa Bay.

He also was apparently orally treated by a seemingly overweight tattoo-armed woman in the process.

Per Deadspin: “This guy in the Taylor jersey and the girl was there with a group of about 6 other people. I’m pretty much sure the girl wasn’t his girlfriend. They were pretty much being inappropriate the whole time. With the guy in the Taylor jersey even going as far as motor boating the woman in front of everyone with her clothes on of course….

That we noticed the girl stumble to the ground and didn’t get back up. All you saw was head movement from our angle. In the picture you can see his pants lower than normal. It’s stopped when someone came up to them and said get a room. Followed by a lot of laughter from them.”

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