Julian Edelman just about stalked Tom Brady early in his career


Tuesday’s ESPN E:60 segment on New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman offered a detailed look at just how much the receiver wanted to make an impression on quarterback Tom Brady.

He told Jeremy Schapp that after his rookie season with the Pats, he moved out to Los Angeles because, well, that’s where Brady was…

“I heard him and some of the receivers would go out to LA, and they would throw,” Edelman said, per CSNNE. “So I move out to LA in the offseason to be near him just in case he needed me. Seriously. Dead serious.”

“Tom, I think, knew I was in town and called me, like, twice that year,” Edelman said. “Then we go to Year Four and we were going three days a week. Then I was going to get lunch at his house. Four years.”

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