Joe Montana on Patriots: ‘They always say, If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying’


Back when Joe Montana played, little instances of bending the rules to gain a competitive edge was something everyone did, and it wasn’t a huge deal.

To that end, Montana is sort of defending quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots for their recent #Deflategate scandal… (I say sort of defending in the loosest term possible).

“They always say, ‘If you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying.’ So they’re trying hard,” Montana said in an NFL network interview with Andrew Siciliano.

“You know, everybody does everything they can to possibly get a little bit of an edge. I mean, back then it wasn’t illegal but it was illegal, like our guys used to spray — and everybody did it at the time — silicone on their jerseys, the linemen, so that the defensive linemen couldn’t get a hold of them. And the defensive linemen did it so the offensive linemen couldn’t hold them,” Montana said. “It’s a game. Everybody wants to win, so you do whatever you can to make it happen.”

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