Jim Nantz rips Greg Hardy on CBS broadcast

CBS sports’ Jim Nantz didn’t have an time for an unbiased assessment of Dallas Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy during Sunday’s coverage of the Pat’s 30-6 win in the Dig D.

After Hardy sacked Tom Brady during the game, Nantz offered his take on the Hardy’s comments directed at Tom Brady and his wife Gisele earlier in the week, per USA TODAY Sports FTW:

“Here he is playing for the first time. [Hardy] talks to the media this week and says these absolutely outrageous, unrepentant remarks. You talk to some people in Dallas and they thought, ‘hey, the guy was just trying to be funny’. There was nothing funny about it. With his suspension reduced, you thought you might see some contrition with him when he met with the media this week, but it was anything but that.”


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