David Ortiz on the Olympics in Boston: Qué?

1374988016000-07-27-2013-David-Ortiz2-001-1307280108_x-largeBack in April of this year, the committee to drum up support for Boston hosting 2024 Olympics lined up a big endorser in Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.

Problem is, no one gave Ortiz the memo (or even told him the simple fact the Boston was trying to host the big event).

Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe shares a little story from the Spring, H/T USA TODAY For the Win:

 ‘The Red Sox were in Baltimore at the time and I went over to Ortiz to ask him about the news.

“What are you talking about?” he said. “They want the Olympics in Boston?”

Ortiz was put on the committee but somebody forgot to tell him, either his agents or the Boston 2024 people. ‘

A Boston 2024 spokesperson later said that Ortiz’s agent failed to tell the slugger the news of his agreement to be on the board of directors.

As we all know now, the campaign failed miserably – no Olympics in Boston.

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