Video: John Harbaugh’s rude halftime interview

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh had just about zero patience for the customary halftime interview after he saw his team get into fistacuffs in the first quarter against Washington.

Comcast SportsNet’s Brent Harris was the unlucky fella to incur Harbaugh’s wrath… H/T/ USA TODAY Sports

Coach what was your perspective on Steve Smith getting ejected? It looked like you and coach Gruden may have had words there?

I have nothing to say about that Brent. You want to talk football? I’d be happy to talk football with you.

End of the half, missed opportunities do you feel?

Well you don’t want to fumble the ball.

What about the two-minute defense, giving up the touchdown at the end?

Uh, we don’t want to give up touchdowns at two minutes at the end. Give me a good question and I’ll answer it.


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