John Daly OK after suffering collapsed lung, already back to golf


In 90-degree heat, both golfer John Daly’s body and a lung literally collapsed on the grass at a local golf tournament on Saturday, the AP reported; but the 49-year-old is fine, playing golf just a day later.

Daly’s manager later confirmed the collapsed lung was due to a previous rib injury that had affected his breathing.

The Associated Press: ‘Deerfield club pro Leigh Brannan, who was at the tournament, said Daly was having trouble with the heat and had some difficulty breathing before being taken to the hospital. Temperatures were near 90 degrees in the Jackson area.

“He was struggling pretty badly right before he collapsed,” Brannan said. “But we’re all hoping it’s nothing serious and that he was just a little dehydrated. He was even telling (Allen) he still wants to play (Sunday).” ‘

AP’s David Bryant tweeted Sunday of Daly’s quick return to getting back in the swing of things (pun intended):

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