Dodgers’ Jake Arrieta didn’t really pitch a no-hitter?


Of course not to take away from Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher’s Jake Arrieta’s lights out Sunday night, but he himself is basically conceding that he didn’t really pitch a no-hitter, and his teammate did not make an error on a hard-hit ball and short hop in the third inning.

“I thought it was a hit,” Arrieta said of the play to second baseman Starlin Castro, per USA TODAY Sports. “It was a tough play, a short hop.”

“Just ask Arrieta,” Dodgers’ Adrian Gonzalez added. “He said it was a hit. “I asked five of their players when they were on the bases and they all thought it was a hit. But you know what? He threw a great game. Hats off to him.”

You be the judge:

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