Tony Romo compares himself to Fred Flintstone?


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo had an interesting, if not unique analogy when describing his battle through nagging nerve issues in his back.

“So, what happens is you just lose strength – you’re almost like Fred Flinstone in that you’re trying to run and get the car going, but it’s really not going,” Romo said, per KTCK-AM, via the Dallas Morning News.

“You say go and the nerve doesn’t send the signal to tell you to go … It’s like starting over, like when you’re a child and you just want to say go, push off, fire, and you’re legs won’t. And that just comes from working day in and day out, over and over and over again. And now, it happens a lot faster, it’s a lot longer periods of time I’m able to maintain the strength before you get fatigued, and that wasn’t the case at the start of last football season.”

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