Taxico Burress: Former NFL star in trouble with the law again


Former New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Plaxico Burress is in trouble again, but luckily this time around, he didn’t physically harm himself in the process.

Burress, who famously brought a handgun to a nightclub only to accidentlly shoot himself in the thigh, now faces the wrath of the IRS for allegedly failing to pay almost $50,000 in New Jersey state taxes, per TMZ.

Prosecutors say the former Super Bowl hero tried to file state income taxes for 2013 last October, when he owed over $48K to the government, but somehow the electronic funds transfer failed.

The IRS notified Buress and his tax preparer several times, but they never remedied the error.

Burress is officially charged with one count of willful failure to pay a state tax and a count of issuing a bad check or electronic funds transfer, which could get him up to five years in prison.

UPDATE: Burress is off the hook, according to TMZ. Both sides have apparently struck a deal where Plaxico will avoid any incarceration. He’ll reportedly cut a check to NJ of what was owed, claiming it was a simple mistake.


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