Brandon Spikes either needs lawyer or Maybach repair money, or is it just plain spite?


Former New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes’ second stint with the team was over before it even started.

As we all know, Spikes allegedly rear-ended a family on the highway, told OnStar he hit a deer and subsequently abandoned his Maybach on the road. He’s since been charged with 4 motor vehicle violations (while apparently escaping a DUI charge by taking off – actually pretty smart, no?)

Anyways, the Pats didn’t feel the need to see how this incident panned out with the authorities, promptly cutting the 27-year-old as soon as the news broke.

Now we have word that Spikes (Thru seller andyr2108) is auctioning off his 2011 AFC Championship ring on eBay – surely the guy isn’t broke, is he?

If it’s not for the money, perhaps it’s to spite the Patriots for parting ways with him…  Ooooohhh take that Pats.

The ring is listed with a ‘Buy it now’ price of $19,499, and we’re assuming it’s currently being considered by 218 prospective buyers, who are watching the item.

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