Ray McDonald’s parents deny he attacked mother of his child


Chicago Bears defensive end Ray McDonald’s parents are coming to his defense, claiming that he never touched the mother of his child.

McDonald was arrested in the alleged incident and promptly released by the team.

Labrina McDonald told TMZ Sports that she and her husband were told by their son that there’s a witness to back him up that he never laid a finger on the woman.

“[Ray’s] personal driver witnessed everything that happened. He never touched her,” his mother said.

“Ray is never going to hit a woman. He may say some stuff to piss them off, he may kick them out of his house. But he’d never lay his hands on them. We didn’t raise him that way.”

Two days after McDonald was initially arrested, he was re-arrested on the charge of violating a restraining order when he went back to his ex’s apartment.

“He should not have been there,” his father admitted.


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