Bar’s new beer, the ‘Free Brady Blonde IPA’ sells more glasses than people at Gillette rally

free brady

While Free Brady Rally organizer Pablo Munez said he had about 600 people on Facebook committing to attend his big day outside of Gillette Stadium on Sunday, Foxborough police estimated only about 150 people showed up.

Meanwhile, in nearby Norfolk, MA at the Eagle Brook Saloon, owner Chuck Horne is having a little more success in his own Brady Deflategate punishment protest by unveiling his newest microbrew last week, the “‘Free Brady Blonde IPA.”

“A wrong has been committed, and we as Patriots fans want to support Tom Brady,”  the saloon’s menu reads, via Darren Rovell of ESPN. The bar promises that one dollar from each sale will be donated to a charity of Brady’s choice.

His new beer priced at $6.75 (most of its microbrews cost $5.25 ), and sold more than 500 glasses in six days, according to Horne.

Which only goes to show, Patriots fans may not be willing to spend a hot afternoon in the sun on Memorial Day weekend supporting Brady, but they’ll sure enjoy a nice frosty one for the “ half God half man,” as Munez describes him.

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