Aaron Hernandez adjusting well to prison life


Former NFL tight end turned convicted murderer Aaron Hernandez is making the most of the life sentence handed down to him just over a month ago.

He’s doing all the right things (or wrong things in the eyes of the authorities) to establish himself as the gangster he is to his fellow inmates.

First, we have Aaron’s first prison fight, or beat down to describe it more accurately.

According to ABC News, Hernandez was in a brawl involving two other men. “It was two-on-one, he was part of the two,” a prison official said.

Another source said that he beat a man in his cell and that the incident was gang related. “The victim in the fight was some absolute nobody. He was just trying to show he’s down with the Bloods, a scared man looking at life in prison,” a source said.

And now we catch a glimpse of Aaron in court Thursday for his arraignment on charges of trying to silence a witness in the pending double murder case against him, sporting a new tattoo on his neck – a *five-point star that says “Lifetime,” which may be a symbol of the Bloods gang, according to the report.

Strangely enough, it seems Hernandez is feeling right at home in his new environment.

I guess the multi-million dollar star athlete thing was a little clean for him.

* Via corrections.com:Five Pointed Star – Bloods rep the number five and use a five pointed star as another identifier. You will see the number 5 inside of the star sometimes and also the word Blood written from right to left around the points. ‘

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