Michael Bennett on ‘soft’ Jimmy Graham: ‘I still feel the same way’


Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett isn’t backing down from his 2013 statements regarding his one of his newest teammates, formally of the New Orleans Saints.

According to Bennett, tight end Jimmy Graham is still a soft player, just as he said in 2013:

“Nobody likes Jimmy Graham. I think he’s one of the softest players in the NFL. I think he’s overrated and I really don’t like him as a person or as a player. … When he’s not in the game he’s not in the game. He doesn’t help on the blocking plays. I think he’s just overrated.”

Fast forward to 2015, per the Seattle Times, Bennett basically hasn’t changed his opinion (this should make for great training camp practices, no?) :

“I still feel the same way. Just because he’s on my team I don’t stop feeling that way. Obviously I’m going to be a better teammate to him because he’s on my team….I don’t feel as harsh as I did at the time because he’s my teammate now but at the time he was on the opposite team and we battled with him a couple of times and I didn’t really like that too much.”

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