Hernandez’s defense rests its case in just one day


In a strange move at the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, considering the prosecution held court for 39 days and 131 total witnesses, Aaron Hernandez’s defense team needed only one day and 3 witnesses before resting their case.

Perhaps they’re trying to make a statement to the jury by pretending to have such confidence in their client’s innocence. Whatever the case may be, it certainly looks like the odds are stacked against the former NFL tight end and he’ll be staying in jail for very, vey long time. (and don’t forget, there’s also a separate double-murder on tap for Aaron later this year – and there’s reportedly some overwhelming evidence against him)

One of the three witnesses called was an expert on PCP use – which is likely an attempt to somehow pin the murder on Aaron’s buddies, Carlos Ortiz and Ernest Wallace. Both were linked to PCP use around the time of the murder.

‘…the defense called Dr. David J. Greenblatt, a pharmacologist who teaches at Tufts University School of Medicine. He testified that PCP use can at times cause “violent or aggressive behavior.” ‘ per the Boston Globe.

‘Greenblatt testified that in addition to violent behavior, PCP users can show signs of being in a trancelike state, have hallucinations, or make aimless movements, and the symptoms can “appear and disappear quickly” and last for anywhere from a few hours to several months. But Bristol County prosecutor Patrick Bomberg hit hard against Greenblatt’s testimony, noting that Greenblatt could not say for sure whether he ever had a patient who was a PCP user.’


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