Herald columnist pens terrible Shayanna Jenkins story, surprised she was so well-spoken


First off, let me say I’m not surprised this article was allowed to appear in the Boston Herald, the right-wing leaning newspaper who repeatedly lets commenters spew racist garbage about President Obama or the latest crime news from the Boston neighborhoods of Roxbury, Mattapan and Dorchester.

Columnist Peter Gelzinis, covering the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, offers his take on Hernandez’s fiancée Shayanna Jenkins’ testimony this week.

In his column, Gelzinis starts off by comparing her against a couple of black entertainers (possibly the only black women he’s familiar with):

“To be honest, Shayanna Jenkins was not at all what I expected. From those icy stares Aaron Hernandez’s fiancee has flashed in her previous appearances at the Fall River courthouse, I braced myself for Lil’ Kim.

But what I got Friday from Shayanna’s first appearance in the witness chair was a lot closer to Halle Berry.”

He goes on with the stereotyping… admittingly surprised that she came off so well-spoken:

“In short, Shayanna Jenkins betrayed no echo of the mean streets and dance joints that her $40 million tattooed fiance liked to haunt in those evil hours before the dawn. Shayanna even sounded a bit like Martha Stewart when she talked about cooking breakfast and preparing smoothies for the likes of Hernandez and his deadbeat buddies, Ernest Wallace and Carlos Ortiz, the morning after Odin Lloyd’s murder.”

… Spoken like a woman who should have married someone like Julian Edelman or Malcolm Butler, instead of the thug who texted pathetic notes like this after an all-night blowout: “Too (expletive) up an O (Lloyd) took care of me. … I jus woke up buggin im sorry and on way home.”

Then he laments about Shayanna’s missed opportunity at being a great trophy wife to an athlete less thuggish:

“She appears to know she’€™s trapped in a cesspool. It’s too bad, because Shayanna might well have made some NFL stud a very nice trophy wife. Now the money will go to the lawyers.

And all she’€™s left with is a thug.”

Geesh, I bet the Herald’s core demographic loved this one.

H/T Awful Announcing and Black Sports Online.


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