Darren Sharper to wear penis monitor after prison

penis monitor

Sounds like Darren Sharper’s 9-year prison sentence may be the easy part of the rest of his life.

As part of his sentence, the accused rapist will do his time in prison, followed by living life as a paroled sex and narcotics offender in the State of California. He’ll be tracked by GPS as he’s moved to Arizona and on probation there for the rest of his life, reports the New Orleans Advocate.

Oh, and he can’t drink alcohol, go to a bar, definitely not use online dating or travel more than 50 miles away from his home.

The most humiliating part of his post-prison sentence involves being subject to something called a ‘penile plethysmograph’ “in which a sensor is attached to the penis while an array of sexual images flashes before his eyes, to gauge arousal,” per the report.

From our good friends at Wikipedia: ‘Penile plethysmography (PPG) or phallometry is measurement of bloodflow to the penis. The most commonly reported methods of conducting penile plethysmography involve the measurement of the circumference of the penis with a mercury-in-rubber or electromechanical strain gauge, or the volume of the penis with an airtight cylinder and inflatable cuff at the base of the penis. Corpus cavernosa nerve penile plethysmographs measure changes in response to inter-operative electric stimulation during surgery. The volumetric procedure was invented by Kurt Freund and is considered to be particularly sensitive at low arousal levels. The easier to use circumferential measures are more widely used, however, and more common in studies using erotic film stimuli’

There you have it – Darren Sharper, a once respected NFL player, is now a low-life convicted rapist with a sensor on his junk

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