Bill Belichick wasn’t the only one creeping on Chrissy Teigen


While everybody seems to putting the focus on Bill Belichick, well, putting the focus on Chrissy Teigen the other night, he certainly wasn’t the only one getting a good long look.

But as we know, just about the whole country sans the Northeast hates this man and will look to paint him a bad light at any opportunity, especially after he just collected his fourth Super Bowl ring as head coach. Don’t hate the player hate the game…

As we can see is this photo, Russell ‘can’t do no wrong’ Wilson, the guy who dumped his wife after he became an elite NFL QB, and Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky, of the team that lost to Duke in the NCAA finals (somehow in attendance at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner?) were undressing Teigen with their eyes as well. That’s six total eyes.

Where are all the “Check out Russell Wilson creeping on Chrissy Teigen” or “Check out Frank Kaminsky creeping on Chrissy Teigen” articles???


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