Will Ferrell agrees with John Madden: ‘I’m all about lack of respect’

Comedian Will Ferrell responded to the criticism leveled at him by former NFL head coach and analyst John Madden, who ripped Ferrell for his stunt that raised nearly $1 million for cancer research.

Ferrell inserted himself into five separate Cactus League games for 10 different teams earlier this month, while appearing at every position during the games.

When asked, Madden, perhaps misinformed or not given all the details, felt that Ferrell disrespected the game of baseball.

On Conan, Ferrell responded in a way only Ferrell can, agreeing with old coach:

“I don’t think he got all the pieces of information. First of all, he’s right. Look at me. I’m all about lack of respect. I don’t think the interviewer told him it was all for charity, number one, but I do love that in his mind he just thought I was just like ‘Major League Baseball, I want to play in 10 different games for 10 different teams. I want to do it Thursday! Because I’m a big shot, and make it happen now!’ Like I’m Veruca Salt. So he’s like ‘this Will Ferrell thinks he can just insert himself into big league games.”

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