Romo made tipsy DeMarco Murray sales pitch on team bus

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo shared a little previously unknown story on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week that happened aboard the team bus after the Pro Bowl.

The subject was about keeping running back DeMarco Murray. We’ll let Romo explain:

“We’re talking I’m trying to actually push the envelope for keeping DeMarco. … We had actually had a few drinks at the time and so there were some passionate speeches going on about what you wanted to do. One of them is my own. I looked over at Stephen (Jones), who’s probably going to take over for Jerry one day as the owner.

“I said, ‘Stephen, you’ve got 25, 30 years left to go win championships.’ I look over and Jason (Garrett) and go, ‘You’re the next Tom Landry. You’ve got 25, 30 years left to go win championships.’ And I didn’t know what I was saying at the time, but I’m like, ‘Me and Jerry we got like four or five years left only!”

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