Crazy ex, armed with gun, bat and knife, attacks Colts LB Erik Walden, galpal


Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned!

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Erik Walden, along with his girlfriend were reportedly attacked by an ex-girlfriend last Saturday night. Walden was slashed in the arm with a knife and his girlfriend, hit with a bat, suffered a broken arm, according to the report.

Walden told police he found his ex and mother of his children, Erika Palmer, waiting at his home around 11:30 PM, fully armed and ready to go on a rampage. In addition to inflicting the injuries, she also trashed the home and stole a $35,000 watch, according to Walden.

And that’s not it – Palmer apparently had a gun on her as well, according to WXIA-TV in Atlanta, who reported that Walden called 911 after wrestling the gun away from her.

Guns, knives, bats oh my! This woman wasn’t f**king around.

Oh, and it’s not over… hell no! (is what I’m imagining Palmer to have said) From ESPN:

‘The Braselton [Georgia] Police report said Palmer reappeared as Walden was attempting to take the injured woman to the hospital and then allegedly slashed Walden’s arm with a knife and ran again.

Police tracked Palmer’s cellphone to a hotel, where she was arrested and being held without bail on two counts of aggravated assault, family violence aggravated assault, theft by taking and first-degree burglary. A source told that Walden, who was treated at a hospital and released, is OK and that the slash was not severe enough to cause any major damage going forward.’

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