Video: Seattle fans’ reactions to Butler INT are priceless

I gotta admit, as a New England Patriots fan, I can sympathize with getting the rug pulled abruptly from under you… that dejected feeling as David Tyree catches a pass with the aid of his helmet, or Mario Manningham making an incredible, almost impossible sideline catch – both of those instances basically lost the Super Bowl twice for the Patriots just as they were on the cusp of glorious victory.

That being said, Malcolm Butler’s interception at the goal line stings real bad for Seattle Seahawks fans… just watch:

Fast forward to the 8-minute mark as these rowdy fans, chanting “Beast Mode, Beat Mode” very loudly, become stunningly speechless:

Then there’s this guy, making mincemeat out of his pre-flat screen Rent-A-Center rear projection TV:

And lastly, here are some Seahawks fans in Hawaii (along with a lone Patriots fan) enjoying the freak catch from Jermaine Kearse and looking forward to a Seattle game-winning TD. My, how the tide turns…

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