Shoulda put a ring on it: Hernandez’s fiancée strikes deal with prosecution


In what will likely be the death knell in sending accused triple-murderer Aaron Hernandez to prison for the rest of his life, his fiancée has reportedly struck a deal with the prosecution to testify against him, per PFTs’ Mike Florio.

It was revealed in court documents on Monday that Judge Susan Garsh has granted immunity to Shayanna Jenkins, reported Fox Sports 1.

Jenkins, who is facing a charge against her for lying to a grand jury, will get immunity in exchange for telling all she knows about the deaths of Odin Lloyd and likely the drive-by double-murder in Boston a year earlier.

Jenkins, the mother of Hernandez’s child, aren’t married, so that means “spousal privilege” doesn’t apply.

Anything Hernandez told Jenkins before after the Lloyd’s murder will be admissible in court.

Not good news for the disgraced tight end.

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