Drug charges dropped against Cowboys’ Randle, baby mama seeks restraining order

Dallas Cowboys v Tennessee Titans

Dallas Cowboys running back Joseph Randle got half good news, half bad news on Friday as Wichita, Kansas police dropped the drug charges (marijuana possession) he was initially arrested for this week, while also receiving the bad news involving the mother of his child.

Randle was with the unnamed woman at the time of the incident – Wichita police said they responded to a domestic violence call at a hotel early Wednesday morning and found Randle, 23, with a small amount of marijuana. He could still be charged with possession after the investigation is complete, police said, but due to inconsistencies and the need to interview more people, they’ll hold off for now.

The woman asked for a restraining order against Randle on Wednesday, “expressing fear that he might attack her, court documents showed,” reported the Toronto Sun.

‘Randle’s agent, Erik Burkhardt, was not immediately available for comment on the dropped charges but previously said no violence occurred during the incident, which he said resulted from Randle asking three people to leave his hotel room. In October, Randle was arrested for stealing a two pairs of underwear and a small bottle of cologne from a Dallas-area department store. The Cowboys said they fined him $29,117 for the shoplifting offense.’

As of Saturday morning, the Dallas Cowboys have not commented on the matter.

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