Company that maintains Buccaneers’ field scoffs at Aaron Rodgers’ claim


The Tampa Sports Authority, the company tasked with maintaining the field at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Raymond James Stadium, released a statement to refute Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodger’s claim that his calf injury was the result of the field’s poor playing surface.

“The calf was, in my opinion, due to the poor surface in Tampa,” Rodgers said Thursday on his radio show. “Tampa’s where I hurt my shoulder as well back in 2008. I think that there needs to be, looked at, some more uniformity as far as the field conditions because I think there are a couple surfaces that are more likely to create injury than prevent injury.”

TSA’s statement:

“The field quality tests conducted prior to and following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers/ Green Bay Packers game on Dec. 21, 2014 as required by the NFL, indicated that the Raymond James Stadium field was well within compliance with the NFL Field Guidelines. These same tests were conducted at every 2014 Buccaneer home game at Raymond James Stadium and all were well within compliance with the NFL Field Guidelines.”

Oooooh, take that Aaron.


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