Steelers fan pulls off social media prank at Heinz Field

Pittsburgh Steelers fan Jake Berlin, in an attempt to draw interest in his company (whatever that may be) posted a selfie at Heinz Field Saturday night along with “Screw it, #Steelers are losing anyway. 400 RTs and I’ll run onto Heinz Field.”

He got the 400 retweets he was looking for, and many, many more.

On Monday, he explained the details of his publicity stunt, showing just how easy it is to fool thousands of Twitter readers.

Berlin says he bought a cheap ticket to the game, took a selfie close to the field to make it look like he was ready to do the deed. He even later went over to a first aid station and posed with a paramedic on a golf cart to make it appear he was detained by security. Brilliant, yet very simple.

After his little deception, inspired by a similar Tweet at a recent University of Alabama game, he returned to his seat and watched the rest of the game.

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