Crotch grab repeat offender: Marshawn Lynch fined $20K

crotch grab

Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch is officially now a crotch grab repeat offender.

The league upped his previous fine by almost twice as much for a similar move (below) against the Arizona Cardinals on Dec. 21st. For that grab, he was hit with an $11,000 fine.

Last week’s genitalia-related TD celebration in the NFC Championship game earned him a $20,000 fine, per an NFL official, via ESPN.

So two crotch grabs = $31,000… and that looks to be small change should the NFL follow through on this:

Adam Schefter: “An NFL official said the league is considering fining Lynch “significantly more” than the $50,000 it has fined him in each of the past two seasons for not speaking to the media, something Lynch again declined to do postgame Sunday.

This is another issue that threatens to hang over Super Bowl week, with Lynch being required to speak to the media Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.”

crotch grab-vs-az

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