Blandino: Football PSIs weren’t logged


Finally, we’re slowly getting some real information after the initial barrage of leaked reports on the so-called ‘Delfategate’ scandal involving the New England Patriots.

More and more, it looks like the case against the Patriots, who had supposedly 11 of 12 balls in their possession during the AFC Championship game against Colts underinflated by 2 PSIs each, is kinda falling apart at the seams.

NFL head of officiating Dean Blandino confirmed Thursday that officials didn’t even log the PSIs for each of the footballs used in the game. Turns out, they simply just approved or disapproved them at the beginning of the game.

What we know is yes, the Patriots balls were underinflated at the half, but not at the beginning of the game. By how much is the question, and was, as Bill Belichick pointed out, weather and temperature a factor in the discrepancy?

Looks like we’ll never know, thanks to bumbling NFL.

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